Membership categories requiring applications are:

  • Family (parents and children under 25 years old)
  • Junior (non-voting)
  • Intermediate (21 to 30 year old)
  • Adult (over 30 years old whose children will not make use of the Club facilities, and spouses either of whom are over 30 years old)

Membership applications are obtained through members that sponsor an applicant. Carl Bastian, Chair of the Membership Committee, can be reached by email at The completed application is returned along with the sponsor and seconder recommendations (sponsors and seconders may not be in the same membership), whereupon an applicant’s interview will be scheduled as provided by the bylaws. Membership interviews are usually concluded in May for current year memberships. Because Ocean City Yacht Club bylaws limit the number of voting members to 400, a significant number of applications are carried to the ensuing year for reconsideration.

Family membership applicants should consider junior memberships for their children while the Family membership applications are pending in case they are deferred to the next year. The children enjoy an earlier sailing experience. Also, similarly-situated applicants who are not familiar with the Club or with any members needed for a sponsor or seconder should have their children join as juniors and visit the Club during sailing to meet and socialize with members.

The Ocean City Yacht Club limits the total number of members as defined by bylaws of the club. The limit is to ensure that the club resources are not over utilized ensuring a high quality member experience for everyone. The club typically has a limited number of openings ask any member about attending an event or joining.

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